Kotmale Raja Pihilla


Kotmale Raja Pihilla

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Kotmale Raja Pihilla is situated in village of Kotmale in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It is known as the royal bathing site which was used by one of the greatest kings of Sri Lanka, Dutugemunu. Dutugemunu, as a prince had fled from the Ruhunu kingdom after angering his father, King Kavantissa. The prince had come to Kotmale and lived there for 17 years. This royal bathing site or ‘raja pihilla’ is located close to a paddy field named ‘Mahawela’. The remains of this place are visible as a basin and pillar made of stone. Many of the Kandyan kings are believed to have bathed at this lcoation, whenever they preferred to batheKotmale Raja Pihilla out of their palaces.

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