Galle fort old gate


Galle fort old gate

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A plaque carved with the Royal Emblem of Ireland dating back to the period of King George III of England placed after the subjugation of Galle by British is seen above the Old Gate while entering the Fort along with the road running parallel to the beach (Baladaksha Mawatha). British Crown held by a lion from its right side and by a unicorn from the left side is displayed on this plaque. The motto of the British Emperor, (Dieu et Mon Droit) meaning “ GOD’S and MY DOMAIN” is marked on a strip at the plaque. The plaque held by the Lion and the unicorn is encircled by citation Honi Soit QuiMal y Pense which means “ Who Thinks of Devil Shall be Possessed by Devil”.Both those citations are excerpts from sayings in French. Following the subjection of Galle Fort by British in 1796 AD, they removed the emblem of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) that was here and carved the British Royal Emblem.

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