Pettah ‘Nattami’


Pettah ‘Nattami’

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‘Nattami’ is the name given to a laborer in Pettah who carries and moves goods to and from shops, often by manually pulling carts loaded with the goods. Their job is  one of the most important jobs in Pettah, a hub that thrives on business activity. the nattamis do so much more ‒ they take on any and all kinds of odd jobs, from a task as simple as buying a loaf of bread for a busy merchant, to something as tedious moving 200 Kg of food from a shop to a delivery truck.Nattamai is the word given to men who earn a living by transporting imported goods from the harbor to the many shops of Pettah, mostly on a cart which they pull (for electronics and other goods) or on their backs (for vegetables and fruits goods ) or on their backs (for vegetables and fruits

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