Ranamure water spout


Ranamure water spout

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  This is a water spout with a historical importance with a rest [ Ambalama]. Ranamure Pihilla is situated close to Monaragala and Badalena in Kotmale division where the the prince spent most of his time.  According to the tradition there is an Amuna ( a measure of area) of gold buried near the spout. Thus the spout is being called Ranamune (from Ran-Amuna).  The water spout at Ranamune is built of granite and a ambalama has also been built at the site. The ambalama too is built with large granite blocks .there are 3 water sprouts (pihili) associated with prince Gemunu in the area. One is “Nagaha Peella” so called because it lied underneath a Na tree. The rate of the water flow never changes in this pihilla throughout the year irrespective of the weather. It has been repaired by the government and had been a popular bathing place for the villagers .

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