Aukana Temple


Aukana Temple

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This is found in the village of Aukana, in the city named Kekirawa in Anuradhapura district. Famous  statue found in the temple considered to be built by the efficient king Dhatusena [455-473 A.D.]. As this statue is sculptured from the living rock, it had been safe for a very long period. This statue of 122 m in height, has been created with a majestic and attractive look. Aukana Buddha statue in Asisa Mudra or the “posture of blessing” is carved out of a rock boulder. The statue is carved in the round connected to the back to the rock boulder. The delicate and skillful carving of the Buddha’s robe humanizes and chastely reveals the underlying form of his body, while the face’s impassive expression projects an aura of spiritual supremacy.

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